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Counseling Samui

Gerrie Kalaidjian

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Children and Young Adults

When working with children and young adults, I establish a therapeutic relationship based on trust. This can prove extremely effective when dealing with young people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions stemming from school changes, personal and physical development including social media, peer pressure, expectations from parents, divorce or troubles at home, and future goal development.

Adults & Couples

Much of my experience as a counselor has included working with adults who are facing a major transition or crisis in their life. Throughout our adult life, the majority of us will experience some form of anxiety and/or depression. My work with my clients uncovers the source of these emotions and works towards finding a therapeutic solution.


One of my areas of expertise includes working with couples experiencing troubles in their relationships or families who are experiencing difficulties. My therapy delves into the cause of issues, working together to discuss and identity clear goals and paths that each individual can take to return to a happy, healthy relationship.

Gerrie Kalaidjian, MA, MBA

Fully licensed US Mental Health Counselor (Florida #11240), with more than 15 years of experience working with children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families in an intercultural setting.

Counseling Goals

I established Samui Counseling to offer mental health services with a western orientation to locals and ex-pats living in Koh Samui. My primary goal is to assist international children, adults, and families to live happier, fuller, and more productive lives. I approach counselling with an understanding of the need to create a safe space for my clients, allowing them to comfortably express themselves and discover the root causes of real issues that are affecting their lives. My sessions allow my clients to learn new and extremely effective ways of thinking, feeling, and responding to negative emotions.


Are you looking for Counseling in Koh Samui or online?

Whether you are an individual, couple, or family struggling with the pressures of everyday life, anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions or challenges, Counselling Samui can offer relief and a true safe space that you need to take control and start to improve your personal wellbeing and emotional stability.

Counselling Samui offers discreet and professional services, maintaining anonymity of clients in a western-oriented setting. We focus on assisting you with taking back control of emotions such as anxiety, depression, crises control, relationship issues, life transitions, and much more.

We offer flexibility in providing counseling services to our Samui clients:
-Primary on-line counseling services using Skype and Zoom
-Availability of in person session in Phuket (Note: 45 minute flight from Samui)
-Periodic in person counseling sessions in Ko Samui to reinforce the counselor/client relationship

With more than 15 years of experience across 27 different countries, Gerrie Kalaidjian, MA, MBA, is a fully licensed US Mental Health Counsellor (Florida #11240), specializing in assisting adults, teenagers, couples, and families in an intercultural setting.
Whatever challenges you may be facing, you are not alone. Gerrie aims to offer clients a way to live happier, fuller, and more productive lives through his sessions.

You can easily take the first step by sending an email and booking your first private counselling session. Start improving yours or your loved one’s wellbeing, emotional state, and mental health by benefiting from open counselling sessions.

Depression and Anxiety

Do your feelings currently affect your daily routine? Do you find it difficult to get up in the mornings, motivate yourself, and becoming overwhelmed by feelings, negative thoughts, and anxiety? Are you struggling with a health condition that is leaving you feeling exhausted, worried, or frustrated?

Couple Relationships

Do you and your partner argue often? Are you struggling to find the right words to express yourself to your significant other? Do you feel unhappy in your relationship, unsatisfied with your partner, or worry that your partner is having an affair?

Adult Personal Development Coaching

Are you worried that your life is not moving in the right direction? Do you want to improve yourself or boost your self-esteem? Do you feel lost and need to identify your strengths, talents, and get back on the right path?

Children and Teen Personal Development

Does your child struggle to socialize with their peers? Do they lack motivation, ambition, or dreams? Are you concerned that your child or teenager is suffering from low self-esteem? Are you worried that your child is struggling to find their strengths?

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